About Me

Originally trained as a physicist, I am deeply experienced at all levels of software development, with particular emphasis on enabling scientists and engineers to effectively leverage the cloud and modern AI techniques. In my current role as VP Product Engineering at Enthought, I run a startup-style team developing Enthought’s next-gen platform for science, Edge.

I've had an interesting journey in the software industry. I began using Python just when the science community began discovering the power of modern software techniques to accelerate research. Over the next few years, I became increasingly involved in the software ecosystem, publishing a widely popular open-source project for managing numerical data. That led to an O'Reilly book on scientific data management, and later I founded a short-lived startup company, Heliosphere Research LLC.

Since joining Enthought, I have worked at virtually every technical level available. Starting as an individual contributor on consulting projects, I later became a technical team lead, then director of Enthought's platform, finally rising to have VP-level responsibility for our entire product stack. Hundreds of Enthought and customer developers rely on these tools to conduct millions of dollars worth of business, and to support tens of thousands of end users working with our hard-science applications. It has been my privilege to help some of the world’s leading companies solve problems with modern software techniques.

Recent Work

Enthought Edge

As Enthought Platform Director and later VP Product Engineering, I led the implementation of Edge, our cloud-native platform for scientists.

Edge was created to put scientists and engineers back in the driver's seat when it comes to R&D. Despite advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, R&D scientists still have trouble unlocking the full potential of their institutional knowledge. Edge provides the tools needed to tackle hard science problems while still enabling proper corporate governance and cost control.

Edge is a Kubernetes-native service built using a variety of tools, everything from Python to Terraform and specialized React front-end components. It interfaces with Amazon Web Services, to allow science apps to run on dynamically provisioned EC2 machines.

For more information on Enthought Edge, check out our product page or the official documentation.

Education and Academics

I got my doctorate in Physics at UCLA, in 2010. My dissertation was on the physics of expanding laser-produced plasmas, conducted at the Basic Plasma Science Facility (a major DOE-funded center for basic plasma science).

After graduating, I was a postdoctoral researcher and later research scientist at the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). As part of that work I took a major role in constructing the 3MV hypervelocity dust accelerator at the IMPACT facility.

Other Projects

HDF5 for Python

O'Reilly book
Unlocking Scientific Data
Former startup product Advanced Plotting Toolkit